If you do not follow the rules

It is important to inform us of changes in your situation because the amount of your pension or benefit depends on your personal situation. 

To avoid problems, you must tell us about changes on time. If you do not, you can get a fine. Or we may start a fraud investigation. Read the information here carefully so that you know what you have to do.

Report a change in your situation to us within 4 weeks. If you live outside the Netherlands, you must report the change within 6 weeks.

You can report changes to us quickly and easily via My SVB.

We check the information you send us. For example, we check with your local authorities how many people are registered as living at your address. Even if you do not report changes, we will still check your details.

We may visit you at home

If we are informed that your home situation has changed, we may visit you at home to check this.

Checking information on the internet

We carry out thousands of checks every year. In some cases, we look for information in public sources on the internet, such as social media or Google.

What we look for on the internet

We search the internet for public information about people or companies. In this way, we can check whether a person is following the rules and receiving the correct amount in AOW pension or other benefit.

Situations we check on the internet

Sometimes we receive indications that a person may be breaking the rules. These can come from different sources. For example, we may find different information in different databases or someone may report a suspicion to us. We will then carry out an internet search to see whether a further investigation is necessary.

If we suspect that the rules have been broken, we can start a more detailed investigation. Before we do an internet search, we weigh up interests of privacy against the seriousness of the suspected offence and the importance of paying the correct amount of pension or benefit. We also consider how difficult it would be to check the information in other ways. Our decision to do an internet search is always explained and documented.

The personal data we check on the internet

Internet searches may focus on the following:

  • a person’s identity
  • housemates or other people living at the same address
  • home address
  • income details
  • capital and assets

The purpose of this information is to find out whether you are receiving the correct amount.

Accuracy of information

We never base a decision on an internet search alone. We always conduct a further investigation to verify the information we found on the internet.

When will you be informed?

You will be informed after the investigation has been completed and a decision has been taken. You have the right to request a review of the decision.

Checks outside the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, local authorities send us information about changes in a person’s personal situation, for example, a birth, marriage, divorce or death. We do not receive this information for people who live outside the Netherlands. That is why you must inform us of these and other changes yourself. 

The life certificate form

If you are living permanently or temporarily outside the Netherlands, you may receive a life certificate form from us every year, depending on the country where you live. You must make sure that this form is filled in, signed and stamped by a ‘competent authority’, for example, your local authorities or a notary public.

Living situation

If you live alone, we will send you a form with questions about your living situation once every 3 years. This is important because your AOW pension, remigration benefit or your entitlement to Anw survivor benefit can change if you start living with another adult.

If you start living with another adult at the same address, you must let us know immediately so that we can adjust the amount you receive each month. You are obliged to report any changes in your situation to us within 6 weeks (so don't wait until you receive the standard question form!).

> Find out how to report a change

Temporary stay outside the Netherlands

If you stay outside the Netherlands regularly, or for a longer period of time, this may affect your pension or benefit. Always contact us if you are going to leave the Netherlands for a longer period of time.

If you receive too much pension or benefit from us, you must repay the amount that was overpaid. If you receive too much because you gave incorrect information or because you failed to give information, you will also get a fine. The standard fine is half of the overpayment you received. However, a fine can be also be higher or lower than the standard fine.

If the overpayment is more than €50,000, we always investigate whether you deliberately decided not to report a change to us. If so, you can be reported to the public prosecutor. It is therefore important that you report changes in your situation to us within 4 weeks. If you live outside the Netherlands, you must report changes to us within 6 weeks.

If we suspect fraud, we can request information from other organisations and from your bank. We can do this if we have permission from the Public Prosecutor. If our investigation shows that you may have committed fraud, you will be called in to talk to us.

What happens if you are called in to talk to us

We will try to find out whether you made an error and if it was deliberate. You can explain your situation to us, and we will ask you questions if something is not clear. You can bring a lawyer with you if you wish. You will receive a report of the interview.

Reporting a case to the Public Prosecutor

If we think you have committed fraud, we will report your case to the Public Prosecutor. The court will then decide whether or not you are guilty of fraud. If the Public Prosecutor decides not to prosecute, you will still have to repay the overpaid amount to the SVB. You could also still get a fine.

If you see or suspect that someone is wrongly getting a pension or benefit, please let us know. You can use the online fraud form or phone telephone number +31 (0)30 264 9880.

If you prefer to let us know in writing, you can download and print out the fraud form, fill it in and send it to us. Our address is at the bottom of the form.

We cannot inform you of the outcome of a fraud investigation. This is for reasons of client privacy.