What kinds of financial support are available?

The Wuv scheme offers the following kinds of financial support:

  • monthly benefits
  • reimbursement or allowances for costs

Benefits and reimbursements or allowances take effect from the first day of the month in which you submit your application.

Monthly benefit

The monthly benefit guarantees you a certain level of income, which is calculated on the basis of your personal circumstances. If your other income (e.g. AOW pension and/or a private pension) is lower than the benefit, your income will be supplemented to the amount fixed for your benefit (guaranteed income level).

This benefit is not intended as compensation for lost opportunities, lost possessions, or pain and suffering.

Benefits for victims of persecution

As a victim of persecution, you can apply for a benefit if you suffered damage to your health as a result of persecution.

  • If the damage to your health occurred before your 65th birthday, the amount of your guaranteed income will be based in part on your employment history.
  • If the damage to your health did not become apparent until after you retired, you will be awarded a benefit if you are more limited in your functioning that other people of your age. The benefit will then be based on the statutory minimum wage.

Payments for surviving spouses / registered partners

If you are the surviving partner of a victim of persecution, you can receive a benefit if your partner passed away as a direct result of persecution or if your partner was receiving a benefit when he or she passed away. In addition, you have to meet the requirements for nationality and conduct. If your partner was receiving a benefit from us, we will contact you automatically.

The amount you will receive each month

The amount you receive will depend on a number of factors including your age, civil status and other income. The amount you receive will be increased every year in January and July by the same percentage as the Dutch minimum wage.

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Reimbursement/allowances for expenses

If you have expenses for health damage caused by the war, you can apply for reimbursement or an allowance to help cover the costs of e.g. medical treatment, household assistance or transport.

We only contribute towards expenses not covered by your insurance or another organization. The amount you can receive will be established on the basis of your individual circumstances.

Surviving partners are not entitled to reimbursements or allowances for costs.

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