How to claim a Wubo benefit

To apply for financial support under the Wubo scheme, send a letter to:

Sociale Verzekeringsbank
Department for Former Members of the Resistance and Victims of War
Postbus 9575
2300 RB Leiden

Your letter should include your name and address, the date, and the reason for your application.

If you are the widow or widower of someone who received a wubo benefit, you do not need to submit an application. We will contact you automatically.

When will you start receiving financial support?

The financial support will always start with effect from the first day of the month in which we receive your letter.

You can authorise someone

If you would like to authorise someone to look after your affairs for you, let us know the name and address of the person you wish to authorise as your representative. We will correspond with that person from then on.