The Long-term Care Act (Wlz)

Studying in the Netherlands

If you have come to the Netherlands as an international student

If you have come to the Netherlands to follow a course of study, you will normally not be insured under the Wlz scheme because you will not be considered a resident of the Netherlands, even if you are registered as living at an address in the Netherlands. We assume that you will continue to have long-lasting ties to your country of origin because:

  • your stay in the Netherlands is temporary (for as long as your studies last), and
  • your ties to your family remain intact for your period of studies, and
  • You are renting a room or live in student accommodation, and
  • you intend to leave the Netherlands after finishing your studies.

However, if you start doing paid work in the Netherlands, for example, if you take a small job during your studies, or start an internship or voluntary work for which you receive an allowance, you may become insured under the Wlz scheme.

When are you considered to be studying in the Netherlands?

You are considered to be studying in the Netherlands if you spend more than 19 hours a week on education or professional training. This includes compulsory practical training, time spent in class and doing homework, and travelling time to and from the educational institution.

The course of study must meet the following conditions:

  • it is provided under expert guidance and supervision
  • it prepares the student for a final exam, for which a diploma is awarded
  • it ensures that the student is qualified to work in his or her field of study

If you do paid work in addition to your studies

In that case, it is likely that you will be insured under the Wlz scheme.