Do you qualify for a Wiv pension?

You can get financial support if you meet all the following conditions:

  • you participated in the resistance against the hostile occupying force during the Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indies and New Guinea, and
  • you suffer from permanent mental or physical damage as a result, and
  • you had Dutch nationality at the time of your application, and
  • you did not cooperate with the enemy or conduct yourself in any other unworthy manner. 

The Wiv scheme is also intended for people or their next of kin who:

  • continued to fight in groups after the capitulation of the Royal Netherlands Indies Army;
  • committed acts of sabotage as civilians between 8 December 1941 and 8 March 1942 and were maltreated or killed by the hostile occupying force because of this.


Very rarely, financial support may be awarded if you do not meet all the conditions precisely.