Review and appeal

Problems can often be solved quickly

We make sure that you receive the correct pension, benefit or allowance towards expenses. Naturally, we will inform you about every decision we take on your entitlement. And every decision you receive from us will explain how you can object to a decision (request a review of a decision). You can always contact us if you have any questions. You will find a direct telephone number at the top right-hand side of the decision. If you disagree with a decision, you have six weeks (13 weeks if you live outside the Netherlands) to request a review of the decision.

Request for review

Your request for review must contain at least the following details:

  • your name and address
  • your correspondence number 
  • the decision that you object to
  • your reasons for not agreeing with the decision 
  • the decision you think we should have made 
  • the date of your request for review

If you wish, you can authorize someone else to write the letter for you by enclosing an authorization machtiging (pdf, 77kB). Sign your letter and send it to:

Sociale Verzekeringsbank Leiden
Department for Former Members of the Resistance and Victims of War
Postbus 9575
2300 RB Leiden, the Netherlands

Write the word ‘Bezwaarschrift’ (request for review) in the top left corner of the envelope. You can enclose any documents you think may be relevant. You will hear from us as soon as possible.

You can view the documents

You can ask to see the documents on which we based our decision. If you would like to read these documents before stating the reasons for your objection, let us know in your letter requesting a review, and you will be given more time.

In the case of medical documents, we first see if we can send them to you directly or via your general practitioner.

Explaining your objections at a hearing

If we have any questions about your letter, or if you would like to explain your objections in person, we will invite you to a hearing. You can look in your file before the hearing. At the hearing, you can explain why you object to the decision. If you wish, someone else can speak on your behalf. A hearing can also be held over the telephone.

Reimbursement for expenses

We can only reimburse you for costs you incur in relation to a request for review if we have made an error and must take a new decision. Reimbursable costs include, for example, costs of professional legal assistance, extracts from public registers, and travel expenses. If you require reimbursement for expenses, you should make this clear in your request for review.


If you disagree with the decision on your request for review, you can lodge an appeal with the Central Appeals Tribunal. Our letters explain how you can do this.