Are you eligible for a Wbpzo pension?

You can get financial support if you meet all the following conditions:

  • you were part of the crew of a seafaring vessel or seafaring fishing vessel at any time during the Second World War, and
  • you suffered damage to your health due to the war or an injunction to continue sailing, and
  • you meet the requirements for nationality, loyality to the Netherlands and performance of duties.

The applicable period for seafaring vessels is 1 September 1939 until 3 March 1946, and for seafaring fishing vessels, from 1 September 1939 until 16 December 1945.


The term sailor refers to both male and female crewmembers and commanders. The Wbpzo concerns mainly those placed under an injunction to continue sailing.

Seafaring vessel or seafaring fishing vessel

A seafaring vessel or seafaring fishing vessel is a vessel or dock that belonged in the Netherlands. These are non-Navy vessels that went (or wanted to go) offshore from a Dutch harbour, or that were towed towards a Dutch harbour. Ships that sailed under the Dutch flag in Allied convoys are included in this definition.

Who is not eligible?

Seafaring vessels or seafaring fishing vessels that were able to visit Dutch harbours during the war found themselves, according to the Act, "under the control of a hostile power". The crew of these vessels will not be eligible for a Wbpzo pension.


Very rarely, financial support may be awarded if you do not meet all the conditions precisely.