Changes you need to report

If your personal circumstances change, any payments you receive from us may have to be reassessed. It is therefore important to report changes without delay.

How to report a change

You can send us a letter or an email, or phone our office.

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What changes do you have to report?

Below is a list of all the changes you have to report.

A change of address

Moving house within the Netherlands

You do not have to let us know if you move to a different address within the Netherlands. When you report the change of address to your municipality, they will inform us of your new address.

New address outside the Netherlands

If you move from the Netherlands to another country, or if you already live outside the Netherlands and move to another address, whether in another country or within the same country, you must inform us of your new address.

If you move to a care home or a nursing home

If you move to a care home, your extraordinary pension and any reimbursement/allowance you receive will stay the same. If you move to a nursing home, there will be no change to your pension, but if you no longer have expenses, your reimbursement/allowance will stop as from the month after your move. We will contact you or your representative about the possible financial consequences of your move.

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In the event of a death

If someone who was receiving payments from us dies, we will stop the payments. We will also make sure that Stichting 1940-1945 is informed.

If the person who died lived in the Netherlands, you must inform the municipal authorities of the death. They will then inform us. In all other cases, you must report the death directly to us. 

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Living together or separating

If you get married or start living with a partner, we will reassess your extraordinary pension. We will also do so if you separate or get divorced. The new amount will apply as from the first day of the month after the month in which your circumstances changed. A provisional amount will be paid until the pension is reassessed.

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A change in your income.

If there is a change in the type of income you receive, for example, if you have a new source of income, or you stop receiving a particular type of income, we will reassess your extraordinary pension.

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When you or your partner reach the AOW pension age’

When you or your partner reach he AOW pension age, your benefit will be reassessed. The new amount will apply from the day when you or your partner reach the AOW pension age. Some time in advance, we will send you forms to fill in about changes to your income, e.g. AOW and other pensions.

If you would like assistance with filling in the forms, please call us on 071 5356888.

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