What kinds of financial support are available?

The Wbp scheme offers the following kinds of financial support:

  • pensions
  • reimbursement or allowances for costs


An extraordinary pension guarantees you a certain level of income, which is calculated on the basis of your personal circumstances, such as your degree of disability. If your other income (e.g. AOW pension and/or a private pension) is lower than the guaranteed income level, the pension will supplement your income up to that level.

In determining the amount of the pension, we do not consider factors such as opportunities for promotion, advancement of professional skills, expansion of a business, etc.

You will qualify for a pension if you have a degree of disability of at least 10% due to health damage stemming from your participation in the resistance. If you have a disability level of 80% or more, you will receive a "compassionate allowance" as well as the fixed reimbursement. The pension will take effect from the first day of the month in which you submit your application.

If you are the surviving partner of a member of the resistance, you can receive a pension if your partner passed away as a direct result of participation in the resistance or if your partner was receiving a pension when he or she passed away. You also have to meet the requirements regarding worthy conduct.

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Reimbursement/allowances for costs

If you have expenses for health damage stemming from your participation in the resistance, you can apply for reimbursement or an allowance to help cover the costs of e.g. medical treatment, household assistance or transport.

We only contribute towards expenses not reimbursed by your insurance or another organization. Expenses already incurred can be declared for up to 12 months after they were incurred. Surviving partners are not entitled to reimbursement or allowances for costs.

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