Voluntary insurance

What do we mean by income?

The contribution for your voluntary insurance depends on your income. We take into account your income from the Netherlands as well as any income you receive from outside the Netherlands.

Your income

By income, we mean:

  • wages or salary
  • income from work other than paid employment
  • income from own enterprise
  • benefits, such as an Anw survivor benefit, WAO incapacity benefit, annuity, or early retirement benefit
  • notional income for home ownership: this is a percentage of the value of your house, if you are the owner. (Mortgage interest will be deducted from this amount.)

What can you deduct?

You can deduct the following items from your income:

  • social insurance contributions deducted from your wages
  • annuity premiums;
  • contributions for insurance against illness, incapacity for work or accidents
  • donations to churches or charities
  • maintenance paid to your former partner
  • a number of specific medical expenses

These costs can only be deducted up to a certain maximum. The same rules apply as for your tax return.

The contribution for voluntary insurance is not deductible

You cannot deduct the voluntary insurance contribution from your income.