Voluntary insurance

When can you take out voluntary insurance?

You can build up AOW pension rights for a maximum of 50 years. You can therefore start building up pension rights 50 years before you reach your AOW pension age. We refer to this period as the 50-year insurance period.

You can take out voluntary AOW and Anw insurance if you meet the following conditions during the 50-year insurance period:

  • If you start living or working outside the Netherlands, and
  • you apply for voluntary insurance within 1 year of leaving the Netherlands, and
  • you were continuously insured under the AOW and Anw schemes in the Netherlands for at least 1 year immediately prior to the start of the voluntary insurance, and,
  • with regard to the AOW scheme, you have not yet reached your AOW pension age. (You can take out voluntary insurance under the Anw scheme after you have reached your AOW pension age).

If you were subject to compulsory national insurance for a number of months in another EU country in the year before you left the Netherlands, this period of insurance will probably be added to your period of insurance in the Netherlands to establish whether you can be considered to have been insured for a full year in the Netherlands under the AOW and Anw schemes.

We advise you to take out voluntary Anw insurance as soon as you start living or working outside the Netherlands. If you should die, your partner will then qualify for a survivor benefit, provided he or she meets the qualifying conditions.

Your partner will not be able to take out voluntary insurance for you after your death.

The voluntary insurance can only be taken out while you are alive.