Voluntary insurance

If you are going to live or work outside the Netherlands

As a rule, if you start living or working outside the Netherlands, you will cease to be covered under the AOW old age pension scheme and the Anw survivor benefits scheme.

Avoid an AOW pension shortfall

If you are not continuously insured under the AOW scheme, you will get a reduced AOW pension when you reach your AOW pension age. Your pension will be reduced by 2% for each year of non-insurance. You can avoid the resulting pension shortfall by taking out voluntary insurance.

Ensuring that your survivors get an Anw benefit

If you are not insured under the Anw scheme, your partner will not get a survivor benefit if you pass away, and your children will not get an orphan's benefit. 

If you take out voluntary Anw insurance, your partner and children will receive a benefit in the event of your death, provided they meet the qualifying conditions. 

There are three kinds of voluntary insurance:

  • AOW insurance only
  • Anw insurance only
  • both AOW and Anw insurance

Apply within 12 months

If you cease to be covered under compulsory AOW or Anw insurance, you can take out voluntary insurance under these schemes, provided you do so within 12 months.

With regard to Anw insurance, it is advisable to apply for the voluntary insurance without delay to ensure that your partner will get a benefit in the event of your death (provided he or she meets the qualifying conditions).

You can find more information (in Dutch) about the arrangements you have to make when moving abroad at Dutch government website (only in Dutch).