Voluntary insurance

What does it cost to buy AOW pension rights retroactively?

To buy AOW pension rights retroactively, you pay a contribution for each year of AOW insurance.

The contribution is calculated for each year from the start of the 50-year period in which you can build up AOW pension rights until the date you came to live or work in the Netherlands. The total amount of contributions for these years is the amount that you pay to buy the AOW pension rights.

Minimum contribution

You have to pay at least the minimum contribution for each year of insurance - even if you did not have any income in that year.

The minimum contribution is the amount that applies for the statutory minimum wage. As from 1 January 2019 this contribution is € 2,551. For years of insurance during which you were 21 or under, you pay the contribution that applies for the minimum youth wage, which is between € 1,976 (age 21) and € 0 (age 15). These are the amounts as from 1 January 2019.

If your income in a particular year exceeded the statutory minimum wage, the amount of the contribution will depend on your income in that year. The contribution will then be a percentage of your income. The higher your income, the higher the contribution will be, up to a certain maximum amount. We will let you know for which years we need details of your income.

The government fixes the contribution percentage, the minimum contribution and the maximum contribution annually, so the amounts may differ from year to year.