When can you get a remigration benefit?

You must meet the following conditions:

  • you live in the Netherlands and you are at least 55
  • you were born outside the Netherlands in one of the countries covered by the Remigration Act (this does not apply to refugees or people who have been granted asylum)
  • you have, or had, the nationality of the country of origin
  • you were 18 or over when you came to live in the Netherlands
  • you came to live in the Netherlands before a certain date (the date depends on the country of origin)
  • you must have been receiving a Dutch benefit for at least 12 months before you can claim a remigration benefit
  • you must have been legally entitled to residence in the Netherlands for at least 8 years before you can claim a remigration benefit


If you have a partner, your partner must remigrate with you, unless he or she already lives in the country you wish to return to. Your partner cannot stay in the Netherlands.


You and your partner must not be in debt to the Dutch authorities, with e.g. tax debts or outstanding fines. Or if you do have debts, a repayment arrangement must have been made.


You cannot get a remigration benefit if:

  • you or your partner are imprisoned or legally detained
  • you or your partner are fugitives

(This does not include a community service order or compulsory psychiatric treatment)


If you only have Dutch nationality, you must apply for the nationality of the country where you will be living. If you have dual nationality, you can only get a remigration benefit or grant if you give up your Dutch nationality before you leave the Netherlands.

Admission to destination country

If you are moving to a country of which you are not a national, you and your family members will need official written permission to live in that country for at least one year.