If your nationality changes

If you have dual nationality, you can only get a remigration grant or benefit if you give up your Dutch nationality before you leave the Netherlands. If you have children under 16, you should bear in mind that this will probably affect their nationality.You can obtain more information about this from your municipal authorities.

If you only have Dutch nationality, you must acquire the nationality of your new country. You can arrange this after your departure.

Applying for a new nationality

If you only have Dutch nationality, you must apply for the nationality of the country where you will be living. You should inform us of your new nationality as soon as possible.

If you have not applied for a new nationality within 6 months of your departure, we will stop your remigration benefit. You will then have another six months in which to apply for a new nationality so that you can receive your benefit again.

In some countries, you cannot apply for a new nationality until you have been living there for a few years. If you remigrate to a country where this is the case, let us know as soon as possible.