What is the Remigration scheme?

If you are currently living in the Netherlands but want to return to your country of origin, you can apply to the SVB for a monthly remigration benefit to help cover your living expenses. This is provided for under the Remigration Act.

The amount of your remigration benefit depends on the following:

  • the country you are moving to
  • your family situation

If you receive another Dutch benefit, it will be deducted from your remigration benefit. If you are no longer covered under the Dutch health insurance system after you have moved abroad, you can also get a contribution towards health insurance.

You can get help from the Dutch Migration Institute (NMI)

If you are considering returning to another country, you can get help and advice from the Dutch Migration Institute (Nederlands Migratie Instituut, NMI). They have a special helpline for questions about remigration. You can speak to a staff member straight away, who will often be able to speak your language.

Tel. 030 - 236 4245 (daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)