How to claim a remigration benefit

Complete the claim form and send it to our office in Leiden, together with the requested documents.

Download or request a claim form

You can obtain a claim form in the following ways:

  • download it from this page
  • call our office in Leiden on number (071) 512 9040. We will send you a claim form straight away.
  • contact the Dutch Migration Institute (NMI). They can also help you complete the form.

Please enclose documentary evidence

You must enclose a number of documents with your claim.

Always send the following:

  • Copies of a passport (or other proof of identity) for yourself and anyone remigrating with you.

  • If you have dual nationality, please also send a copy of the passport for your other nationality.

Depending on your situation, we may also need other documents:

  • If you or your partner does not have Dutch nationality, you must send us a copy of the residence permit.
  • If there has been a change in the name or date of birth of you or your partner during your stay in the Netherlands, send documentary evidence of this.
  • If you are moving to a country of which you are not a national, you must send proof that you are permitted to live in that country.
  • If your partner already lives in the country you are moving to, you must send proof that your partner is alive and that you are married or in a registered partnership.
  • If your children already live in the country you are moving to, you must send proof that they are alive.
  • If a foster child moves with you, you must send proof that the child's parent or guardian agrees to this.
  • If you are in debt to the Dutch authorities, you must send proof that you are settling the debt.