When are you considered to be living with a partner?

If you and your partner share a house but not the household costs, in some cases, the SVB will still treat you as living with a partner.

Living with a partner

  • You and your partner separated or got divorced, but started living in the same house again within 2 years of the separation/divorce.
  • You receive a pension or benefit from the SVB at the rate for someone who lives with a partner. 
  • You and your partner have a child together.
  • You and your partner have a cohabitation agreement that states that you both contribute to the household expenses.

Not living with a partner

The SVB does not consider you to be living with a partner if you share a house with:
  • your own (or your adopted) children; 
  • foster children of yours under 18;
  • your mother or father; 
  • someone who is staying with you for less than 6 months; 
  • someone you started living with in order to give or receive extensive care;   
  • more than one adult housemate.