The remigration benefit and other benefits/pensions

If you receive a remigration benefit as well as another Dutch benefit or pension in your new country, that benefit or pension will be deducted from your remigration benefit.

Income deducted from the remigration benefit

The following will be deducted from the remigration benefit:

  • WAO Incapacity benefit
  • WIA Incapacity benefit
  • WAZ Incapacity benefit for a self-employed person
  • WajongDisablement assistance benefit for a handicapped young person
  • AOWOld age pension
  • Anw Survivor benefit
  • TWbenefit under the Supplementary Benefits Act

If you receive one or more of the above pensions or benefits, you may get a reduced remigration benefit, or your remigration benefit may not be payable at all. 

If the other pension or benefit you receive increases or decreases, we will probably have to adjust the amount of your remigration benefit. You should therefore always inform us about such a change within 6 weeks.

Income that is not deducted

The following income will not be deducted from your remigration benefit:

  • holiday allowance
  • AOW top-up
  • Anw top-up
  • health insurance allowance