I want to report a death

If your partner, child or relative dies, you are bound to go through a difficult time. You will have to deal with all sorts of things, including contacts with government agencies. We will try to help you where we can.

Where must I report the death?

The person who died lived in the Netherlands

You do not have to report the death to us. The death must be reported to the municipal authorities (gemeente), but this will often be taken care of for you by the undertaker. The municipal authorities will inform us of the death, after which we will send the survivors a letter within a few days.

The person who died lived outside the Netherlands

In this case, you must report the death to us. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can stop our payments in time and inform you straight away whether you qualify for e.g. an Anw survivor benefit.

More help

To find out what the consequences are of the death for the pensions and benefits paid by the SVB, answer the questions below, and we will give you an overview of what you need to know.


Answer the following questions

1How old was the person who died?