About the SVB

Who we are

The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) is the organization that implements the Dutch national insurance schemes such as old age pension (AOW), child benefit (AKW) and income support for pensioners (AIO supplement). The SVB is also responsible for paying salaries and invoices under the personal budget scheme (PGB).

We make sure that our clients are aware of and receive what they are entitled to, correctly and on time. We help them as quickly as possible, the first time they contact us.

  • Our mission

    Excellent service

    Providing our clients with excellent service is our prime objective. We make sure that our clients are aware of and receive what they are entitled to, correctly and on time. We also try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to arrange their affairs with the SVB online, without the intervention of an SVB officer. Clients who are less self-reliant, however, can still contact our service teams. We also work together with national organisations and municipalities to support this group.

    A stable, flexible organisation

    The world around us is changing rapidly. Our clients and commissioning authorities expect us to evolve with the changes and continually adjust our working methods. We do this by ensuring that our processes and systems are future-proof at all times. We use smart ICT solutions that enable our clients to handle more and more of their affairs themselves and offer optimum support to our staff. Automated processing of data not only provides greater convenience for our clients and staff but also ensures effective implementation with fewer mistakes.

    Close cooperation with chain partners

    We work closely with our chain partners to make our processes more efficient and serve our clients better. We will only ask clients to provide information if this cannot be obtained from other government agencies. We place strict conditions on data quality and information security for the exchange of data.

  • Our history

    The pension and benefits system in the Netherlands is around 100 years old. And so is the SVB, or rather, our predecessor, the 'Rijksverzekeringsbank'. Founded in 1901, the Rijksverzekeringsbank was the first organisation to implement social security schemes. Over the years, the SVB has kept pace with developments in the Dutch social security system.