About the SVB

A large number of organizations and authorities are involved in the implementation of social security schemes and legislation. The SVB believes that it is very important that the various parties cooperate so that we can share information and spare citizens from having to answer the same question several times. We also invest jointly in the development of online services, collaborating with various authorities and groups both in the Netherlands and abroad.

BKWI - Netherlands Bureau for Information Exchange within the Work and Income Sector

BKWI aims to facilitate cooperation between municipal authorities, the Institute for Employee Benefit Schemes (UWV) and the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB), organizations which are responsible for work and income. BKWI provides solutions for efficient and reliable information exchange between these organizations.



The objectives of the implementing organizations affiliated with the Manifestgroep are to achieve a higher level of service for clients, more efficient implementation of schemes, and a reduction in the administrative burden for citizens. The SVB is one of the initiators of the Manifestgroep. The organizations involved work together to develop intelligent ICT solutions that make it easier and easier for citizens to arrange their affairs with the government via the internet, at a time and place that is convenient for them.

DigiD is a major breakthrough achieved as a result of cooperation between the organizations involved in the Manifestgroep. Using a DigiD login code, you can identify yourself on the internet in your dealings with the government. The SVB allows you to submit claims, change your details, and consult your details using a DigiD code.


European Union

More and more Dutch nationals are going abroad, some temporarily, some permanently. Movement within the European Union has become easier and more frequent for both working people and pensioners. However, this can affect their pension entitlement and social security position. To be able to serve these people effectively, the SVB has entered into agreements with other EU Member States. Modern-day social security requires a cross-border approach.

We use the knowledge we have about European legislation and regulations to support other Member States as well. A number of EU countries consult with us about these matters. We help to harmonize the application of European legislation between countries in a number of ways, including through electronic data exchange.