About the SVB

The SVB has a public task, a responsibility to serve society. We are accountable for what we do and how we do it. For example, we have to be transparent about our objectives, results and finances. In the first instance vis-à-vis our commissioning authorities and the ministries involved, but also towards our individual clients. We do this by investing in communication with our clients, by taking our complaints system very seriously, and by conducting surveys into client satisfaction. As an independent governing body, we comply with the Dutch corporate governance code for implementing agencies.

Public Accountability Charter Group

The SVB is affiliated with the Public Accountability Charter Group. In the charter, we undertake, together with a number of other independent governing bodies, not to limit ourselves to merely meeting the legal obligations regarding accountability to the public, but to go beyond that obligation. A key concern of ours is to view public accountability as a learning process. We aspire to improve ourselves continuously, while focusing in particular on our service to citizens.