About the SVB

Honesty, reliability, confidentiality

Integrity is essential to the SVB, and our policy on integrity is an increasingly integral part of our operations. Every citizen in the Netherlands must be confident that their personal details, which we need to perform our work, will be handled with the strictest confidentiality. SVB employees may never under any circumstance make improper use of personal details of clients.

The SVB's policy on integrity is established in the following 3 documents/arrangements:

Code of conduct

The SVB Code of Conduct and Integrity Rules describes the concept of integrity, explains why integrity is so important, and provides SVB employees with guidelines regarding integrity.

Reporting potential misconduct

If misconduct is suspected or identified, it must be possible for people from within and outside the SVB to report this. Citizens and SVB clients can do so by contacting a member of a Service Team at one of the SVB offices. The SVB will handle any reports of misconduct with the greatest care, and will conduct an investigation within the SVB if necessary.

Arrangement for suppliers

There is a complaints procedure available to suppliers of the SVB. This document is published in the case of tenders, or sent to suppliers. In addition, the SVB also has a general complaints procedure.