About the SVB

Society expects no less than impeccable service from the SVB. And rightly so, because we are a public service organization. To guarantee that our clients and commissioning authorities are and remain satisfied, we keep raising the standards we set ourselves.
It follows that our mission is to achieve excellence in the implementation of state financial schemes for individuals. We therefore have four specific ambitions regarding renewal and improvement:

1 - Excellence in implementation

A modern government works efficiently and effectively. A the SVB, we aim to meet that requirement with regard to every single scheme and task for which we are responsible. With that objective in mind, we work together with other government bodies and organizations, without feeling constrained by traditional limitations within social security. And we think hard about how we can make legislation simpler. With our thorough knowledge of implementation, we advise the various government authorities, thus contributing to sensible and feasible policy.   

2 – Excellent service

We want to offer citizens a logical combination of products and services. That means that people can arrange their affairs with us via the internet, but they can also phone us, if they prefer. We want people to get what they are entitled to, in the simplest, most uncomplicated way possible. That is why we are working to achieve cohesion in the various state financial schemes for individuals by carefully coordinating our implementing activities with other involved parties. For example, we exchange information with other government organizations (without compromising the privacy of our clients, of course).

3 – Staff who are result-oriented and committed

We can only achieve optimum results for our clients through cooperation. And that means cooperation not only within but also outside our organization. It is not for nothing that cooperation has been defined as the most important competence for our staff to develop. This applies to all situations: with colleagues, in consultation with commissioning authorities or when solving a client's problem. Our ultimate objective is always to serve the client.

We invest in our staff so they know where to access the necessary information quickly, are committed to meeting society's needs, and continue to develop as individuals.

4 – Investing in the future

We look forward to continuing to provide the service our clients need well into the future. To do so, we cooperate with other organizations and we keep a close eye on developments in society - as regards our clients, our commissioning authorities and other agencies in the field of social security. We incorporate all this knowledge into our service to our clients, commissioning authorities and other organizations. This means that we are innovative, e.g. regarding new ICT, and we will continue to contribute to society in a committed and responsible manner.