About the SVB

What we do

Everyone who has lived or worked in the Netherlands will almost certainly come into contact with the SVB sooner or later. When that happens, we will help you deal with an event in your life that has consequences for your social security position. For example, you may need a personal health budget or want to claim a pension or benefit. The SVB administers these and many other social schemes and arrangements, paying you what you are entitled to and keeping you informed about changes. We also check that payments are made correctly, to ensure a fair social security system for all.

Apart from implementing social security schemes, we are also involved in preparing and testing new schemes. After all, policy can only be effective if the schemes can be implemented smoothly and efficiently. That is why we advise the government about issues concerning the implementation and feasibility of new legislation.


  • Schemes and legislation implemented by the SVB
    The SVB implements two kinds of schemes and legislation:
    • social insurance schemes and legislation by order of the State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment
    • non-social insurance schemes and legislation by order of other authorities

    The SVB has also started carrying out local authority tasks such as the administration of personal budgets under the Social Support Act (Wmo) and payment of income support for pensioners (AIO supplement) under the Participation Act. The SVB has been administering the AIO scheme for the whole of the Netherlands since 2010. Below is an overview of schemes and legislation currently implemented by the SVB.

    As an independent administrative body, the SVB implements social insurance schemes and regulations for the following government agencies:

    Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

    • Implementaton of the National Old Age Pensions Act (AOW)
    • Implementation of the National Survivor Benefits Act (Anw)
    • implementation of the National Child Benefits Act (AKW)
    • implementation of the income support scheme for people who have reached the AOW pension age (AIO)
    • Child Budget Act (WKB) / Childcare Act (Wko)
    • AOW top-up
    • AOW pension bridging scheme (OBR)
    • implementation of the Remigration Act (REM)
    • Social assistance scheme for Dutch nationals living outside the Netherlands
    • issue of posting certificates

    Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS)

    • implementation of five different Acts and a scheme for psychotherapy offering support to victims of the Second World War and members of the resistance.
    • Personal budget scheme for Wlz and WMO (PGB)
    • implementation of the Asbestos Victims Compensation Scheme (TAS)
    • Compensation scheme for non-employment-related mesothelioma victims (TNS)


    • Personal Budget Scheme for WMO (PGB)

    UWV and the CAK

    • liason office activities for Belgian and German affairs in the field of social insurance 
    • activities of the SVB's social attachés in Morocco, Turkey and Spain

    The Pensions Register foundation (Stichting Pensioenregister)

    • pension forecast website (MijnPensioenoverzicht)

    The full texts of the Acts and schemes are available in Dutch at www.wetten.nl

  • Service

    We aim to exceed expectations, both regarding our service to our clients and to the authorities that commission us to implement social security schemes. To achieve this aim, implementation at the SVB has to be organized perfectly, down to the very last detail. This involves continuous investment in our organization. From state-of-the art computer technology and meticulous administration to employees with a thorough understanding of their work.

    Where possible, processes are automated. For instance, you can easily manage your affairs online. Apart from the convenience, this also allows us to keep plenty of time for personal contact with our clients. The SVB will not confront you with central telephone numbers and endless menus. Instead, when you phone, you will speak to a service team member who cares about you as a client and who has direct access to your details. This person will be able to help you straight away, and can adjust your details immediately, if necessary. If we need to investigate something for you, the person you spoke to will call you back.

  • Verification of entitlements

    The SVB stands for fairness and efficiency. In other words, we want to make sure that everyone gets precisely what they are entitled to. That is also how we keep the system affordable. To be able to do this, we keep to the rules, so that you get the right amount at the right time, without having to worry at all about your pension, benefit or allowance.

    It is important that you also comply with the rules. We can only pay you exactly what you are entitled to if we have your correct details.

    Our approach is one of prevention rather than cure. Accordingly, we make sure that our clients are always informed about the rules. Look on the site under your pension or benefit scheme to see what is expected of you.

    The SVB and compliance with the rules

    People sometimes receive pension or benefit payments unduly, either deliberately or accidentally. Our staff keep an eye open for irregularities. If they notice that something is wrong, they take measures. If necessary, the SVB will report a case of fraud to the Public Prosecutor. However, we would much rather prevent such a situation by solving or preferably avoiding any problems together with you. We want everyone to benefit from a fair social security system.

    To implement our social security schemes correctly, we need to verify compliance with the rules. At the SVB, this involves:

    • Clarity about rights and obligations: prevention through information.
    Verification of aspects such as income and domestic situation.
    Sanctions when rules are infringed: reclamation of overpayments, imposition of fines and administrative sanctions.
    Fraud investigation of fraud and reporting fraud to the Public Prosecutor.

    The SVB has a number of principles which it applies with regard to verification and verification policy. You will find more detailled information about this in our leaflet Uitgangspunten handhavingsbeleid (only available in Dutch). 

  • Clients living outside the Netherlands

    The SVB has some 400,000 clients living outside the Netherlands. From pensioners enjoying their retirement abroad to young emigrants building up a new life in another country, and people who have left the Netherlands temporarily to work elsewhere. Living or working abroad can affect your insurance position, and therefore your entitlement to child benefit, old age pension or survivor benefit. Your pension or benefit may have to be reduced or even stopped, depending on which country you move to, and emigrating could affect your partner's benefit.

    Specific advice

    There is a Bureau for German Affairs and a Bureau for Belgian Affairs specifically for people who work in Germany or Belgium but live in the Netherlands or vice versa. In Ankara (Turkey), Rabat (Morocco) and Madrid (Spain), we are represented by social attachés.


    The Bureaus for Belgian and German Affairs contribute to the Grensinfopunt website of the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment, working together with the Ministry of the Interior and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. 'Grensinfopunt' is an internet service counter where you can ask questions about living, working, doing business and studying abroad. You will find more information at www.grensinfopunt.nl.

  • On behalf of municipal authorities

    Our many years of experience with implementing state financial schemes for individuals is proving useful at municipal level too. Not only do we make sure that people get precisely the pension or benefit they are entitled to, we can also offer extra service to clients. For example, collective insurance under the Social Support Act (Wmo). That is why many municipal authorities ask us to carry out tasks for them. As a result, citizens get better service because we are in the best position to keep all our clients informed, e.g. about their entitlement to income support (AIO). We inform and notify citizens so that they do not miss out on benefits to which they are entitled.

    The SVB is working together with an increasing number of municipal authorities on implementing the Social Support Act (Wmo) and the income support scheme for people who have reached the AOW pension age (AIO).

  • Our service guarantee

    The service we provide is all about you

    As a client of the SVB, you can expect excellent service. That means, for example, that we will answer any questions you may have in a friendly and correct manner. Our service guarantee specifies what kind of service you can expect from us. If we do not meet our commitments to you, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will do our best to solve any problems and further improve the service we provide.

    This is the service that the SVB guarantees:

    wwwWe strive to keep the information on our website correct and up-to-date. In addition, everyone who receives Dutch child benefit, AOW pension or an Anw survivor benefit can keep their details up-to-date using DigiD.
    mailYou can contact us by email, via the ‘contact’ link on our website. We will then get back to you within two days.
    telefoonYou can contact us by telephone on weekdays between 8.00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Whenever possible, we will deal with questions and requests immediately.
    postIf you write us a letter, we will reply within ten working days.
    loketYou can visit us during office hours after making an appointment.