About the SVB

Clients outside the Netherlands

The SVB has clients not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. From pensioners enjoying their retirement abroad to young emigrants building up a new life in another country and people who live in the Netherlands but work elsewhere.

Living or working abroad can affect your insurance position, and therefore your entitlement to child benefit, old age pension or survivor benefit. A benefit may be reduced or even stopped, depending on which country you move to, and emigrating could affect a partner's benefit.

Specific advice

There is a Bureau for Belgian Affairs and a Bureau for German Affairs specifically for people who start living or working in Germany or Belgium from the Netherlands or vice versa. In other countries, we are represented by social attach├ęs. For example, in Ankara (Turkey), Rabat (Morocco), Paramaribo (Surinam), Cape Town (South Africa) and Madrid (Spain).


The Bureaus for Belgian and German Affairs contribute to the Grensinfopunt website of the Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment, working together with the Ministry of the Interior and the Dutch Tax Administration. 'Grensinfopunt' is an internet service counter where you can ask questions about living, working, doing business and studying abroad. You will find more information at www.grensinfopunt.nl.