About the SVB

Work and Social Assistance Act for the over-65s (WWB 65+)

People over 65 who do not receive a full AOW pension can claim income support. As the organization that pays AOW old age pension, the SVB has the necessary experience and knowledge of its clients to pay income support for people over 65. We make sure that people who qualify for income support know about their entitlement, and we have the means and expertise to ensure that payments are made efficiently. Furthermore, a combined service point for AOW pension and income support for people over 65 is the best way to ensure optimum service and convenience for our clients.

As from 2010, the SVB will pay income support for people over 65 on behalf of all municipal authorities. We are already paying out income support for a growing number of municipal authorities, allowing them to focus on the re-integration of beneficiaries under 65.

What we offer: 

  • We actively approach people over 65 who do not receive a full AOW pension or income support to inform them about their entitlements
  • A single service point for AOW pensions and income support
  • efficient implementation of all tasks involved in the payment of income support for the over-65s
  • a monthly report
  • centralized policy where possible (in consultation with the affiliated municipalities) to avoid legal inequalities
  • annual verification of legitimacy by our audit department