About the SVB

We aim to exceed expectations, both regarding our service to our clients and to the authorities that commission us to implement social security schemes.
To achieve this aim, implementation at the SVB has to be organized perfectly, down to the very last detail. This involves continuous investment in our organization. From state-of-the art computer technology and meticulous administration to employees with a thorough understanding of their work.

Where possible, processes are automated. For instance, you can easily manage your affairs online. Apart from the convenience, this also allows us to keep plenty of time for personal contact with our clients. The SVB will not confront you with central telephone numbers and endless menus. Instead, when you phone, you will speak to a service team member who cares about you as a client and who has direct access to your details. This person will be able to help you straight away, and can adjust your details immediately, if necessary. If we need to investigate something for you, the person you spoke to will call you back.