About the SVB

The SVB stands for fairness and efficiency. In other words, we want to make sure that everyone gets precisely what they are entitled to. That is also how we keep the system affordable. To be able to do this, we keep to the rules, so that you get the right amount at the right time, without having to worry at all about your pension, benefit or allowance.

It is important that you also comply with the rules. We can only pay you exactly what you are entitled to if we have your correct details.

Our approach is one of prevention rather than cure. Accordingly, we make sure that our clients are always informed about the rules. Look on the site under your pension or benefit scheme to see what is expected of you.

The SVB and compliance with the rules

People sometimes receive pension or benefit payments unduly, either deliberately or accidentally. Our staff keep an eye open for irregularities. If they notice that something is wrong, they take measures. If necessary, the SVB will report a case of fraud to the Public Prosecutor. However, we would much rather prevent such a situation by solving or preferably avoiding any problems together with you. We want everyone to benefit from a fair social security system.

To implement our social security schemes correctly, we need to verify compliance with the rules. At the SVB, this involves:

• Clarity about rights and obligations: prevention through information.
Verification of aspects such as income and domestic situation.
Sanctions when rules are infringed: reclamation of overpayments, imposition of fines and administrative sanctions.
Fraud investigation of fraud and reporting fraud to the Public Prosecutor.

The SVB has a number of principles which it applies with regard to verification and verification policy. You will find more detailled information about this in our leaflet 'Uitgangspunten handhavingsbeleid (pdf, 87kB). (Available in Dutch).

Be informed and avoid problems

Problems are often due to people forgetting to report changes in their circumstances. It is very important to the SVB that you know what is expected of you. That is why we are participating in the campaign to "be informed and avoid problems'' (Voorkom problemen, weet hoe het zit). This is an initiative of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, also involving the Labour Inspectorate, Insitute for Employee Benfit Schemes (UWV), the Tax Administration and municipal authorities.

See also under the pension and benefit schemes on our site to see what is expected of you.