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Here, you will find frequently asked questions about My SVB.

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  • How does My SVB work?

    You can log on to My SVB by clicking on 'My SVB login' on our homepage. In the DigiD screen, click on 'Ik wil inloggen met alleen gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord' to log on using your DigiD username and password only, or 'Ik wil inloggen met een extra controle via SMS', to log on with extra SMS verification.

    My SVB allows you to report changes, view your details or submit a claim via the internet. In other words, you do not need to use paper forms. You choose what you want to do. You will see a form on your computer screen which will be partially completed with the details that are already known to us. You only have to complete the sections that have not yet been filled in. You can then check the details on the form and send it to us directly. Reporting a change or submitting a claim via the internet is quick, safe and easy. Safety is guaranteed because you use your DigiD code (your own personal username and password from the government).

    To change your bank account details, you must log on to My SVB by opting for 'Ik will inloggen met een extra controle via SMS' or 'Ik wil inloggen met de DigiD app'.

  • Can I view my details?

    In My SVB, you can view current details of your pension or benefit.
    You can view your details after logging in with your DigiD code. For example, you can see when you can expect to receive your next payment, or view a list of previous AOW pension payments made to you. Any changes you make to your details will be visible in My SVB as from the next day.

    My SVB shows a selection of current details. It is not possible to show all information in My SVB. If you need more information, you can make an appointment with the SVB to view your entire file.

  • Is my computer suitable for My SVB?

    My SVB works through a web browser.

    My SVB works on both Windows computers and Apple computers. However, to access My SVB, you will need a recent version of your web browser, so it is a good idea to set your computer to allow automatic updates.

    My SVB works with the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher)
    • Mozilla Firefox (version 4.0.1 or higher)
    • Safari (version 10 or higher)
    • Google Chrome (version 61 or higher)

    We cannot guarantee that My SVB will work properly if you use an older version of one of the above browsers or a different browser.

  • Can I report all changes to the SVB using My SVB?

    Using My SVB, you can report changes regarding your:

    • Dutch child benefit
    • Old age pension (AOW pension)
    • Survivor benefit Anw
  • Is it safe to send my details over the internet?

    After logging in with your DigiD code, information will be sent via a secured connection. A small lock in the browser window shows that the connection is secured. If you click on the lock, you will see a certificate guaranteeing that the website is legitimate. This is a unique certificate which cannot be counterfeited.

    How to log out

    You can stay logged in for a certain period of time, and you can log out by clicking on ‘Uitloggen’. For the rest, the DigiD code works just like a PIN code: it is your own personal code and you must not divulge it to anyone.

  • How can I see if a change I reported has got through to the SVB?

    You will not receive a separate confirmation of receipt by email or post. However, for each change that you submit, you will see an overview on your screen as confirmation of the change. You can print this overview out using the print button that will appear after you have submitted the change.

  • If you have problems logging in, or have another question about DigiD

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