Receiving letters from the SVB electronically in your Message Box ('Berichtenbox')

What is the Message Box?

The Message Box is your online personal letter box at MijnOverheid, where you can receive and save electronic letters from us and other authorities, such as the Tax and Customs Administration. In this way, your post will always be accessible, clearly organized and secure.

How can I receive letters from the SVB electronically?

You can arrange for this by activating your personal Message Box at MijnOverheid.

  1. Go to MijnOverheid
  2. Click on 'Activeren'
  3. Log in with your DigiD code and enter the requested details.

Certain documents will not be sent to your Message Box

Letters about child benefit, AOW old age pension or Anw survivor benefit will be sent to your Message Box. However, letters or forms that have not yet been adapted for the Message Box, or that we are not allowed to send to your Message Box, will still be sent to you by post. These include, for example, letters and forms from PGB Service Centre. You should therefore also make sure to check your mailbox.

Under Frequently asked questions, you can read which letters will not be sent to your Message Box.

What are the advantages of MijnOverheid?

MijnOverheid is your personal web page for your affairs with the Dutch government. At MijnOverheid, you can view post from an increasing number of government organizations as well as the details they have stored about you, your work, AOW pension, home, car and education.