Child benefit

Your child is going to live outside the Netherlands

If your child starts living in another country, for example, to go to school there, you can continue to get child benefit if the Netherlands has an agreement with that country on the verification of entitlement to benefits, including child benefit.

You will continue to receive full child benefit if your child starts living in a member state of the European Union (EU) or European Area (EEA), or in Switzerland.

If your child moves to another country, your child benefit wil either stop or be reduced by being adjusted to the price level of the country your child is moving to.

No child benefit can be paid for children living in Argentina, Belize, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macedonia, Monaco, Panama, Paraguay, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay.

Child benefit at twice the basic rate

In some cases, you can get child benefit at twice the basic rate for a child who does not live at home with you. This depends on how much you contribute to the child's support. We also take your child's earnings into account. 

If you and/or the other parent stays with your child on a regular basis, it may affect your child benefit. If the parents (either alone or together) stay with the child for more than 45 days per quarter, the child is considered to be living at home. You will then be entitled to child benefit at the basic rate.

If you and/or the other parent pay a number of short visits to your child during a quarter (for example, 2 to 3 weeks at a time), we will add together all the joint and separate visiting periods that you and the other parent spend with the child.

A visit to your child may not last more than 45 days, even if it starts in one quarter and continues into the next quarter.

Example: you start visiting your child on 21 June and your visit ends on 9 August. That makes a total of 50 days: 10 days in the 2nd quarter and 40 days in the 3rd quarter. You will get child benefit at the basic rate for the 3rd quarter.

If your child lives with the other parent

If your child lives outside the Netherlands with the other parent, and that parent qualifies for Dutch child benefit, we will pay child benefit to that parent.

If the other parent qualifies for child benefit from another country, it will depend on the social security agreement between the Netherlands and the other country which country's child benefit has priority. If the non-Dutch child benefit is lower than the Dutch child benefit, the SVB may be able to supplement the non-Dutch child benefit up to the rate applicable in the Netherlands.