Child benefit

Child benefit outside the Netherlands

We will pay or continue to pay child benefit if your child lives or starts living in a country with which the Netherlands has an agreement on the verification of entitlement to benefits, including child benefit. Of course, you can only receive child benefit if you are covered under the Dutch child benefit scheme.

Find out whether you are insured and qualify for child benefit.

These countries include the Member States of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EER), and Switzerland.

Child benefit can also be paid if your child lives in another country, but often only at a reduced rate. The amount payable will be adjusted to the price level of the country where your child lives. For each country, there is a fixed percentage of the full child benefit that can be paid.

Child benefit cannot be paid for children living in Argentina, Belize, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macedonia, Monaco, Panama, Paraguay, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay.