Child benefit

You are going to start living with someone

If you get married, start living with someone or enter into a registered partnership, this could affect your entitlement to child benefit. If your partner also receives child benefit, you can choose between 2 options:

  • you receive the child benefit for all the children, or
  • your partner receives the child benefit for all the children.

If your partner does not receive child benefit, nothing will change, and you will simply continue to receive child benefit.

Children born before 1995

If you or your partner gets child benefit for a child born before 1 January 1995, you can get a higher amount of child benefit for him or her. The amount depends on the total number of children in the new family for whom you or your partner receives child benefit. The more children, the higher the amount for the child who was born before 1995.
Children who live with your ex-partner will sometimes also be taken into account.