Child benefit

What is a CIZ recommendation?

If your child needs extensive care, you may be able to get child benefit at twice the basic rate. At our request, the Care Assessment Centre (CIZ) will assess your child's care needs. To do so, they will send you a care assessment form, which you should complete as fully as possible. Only then will the CIZ be able to give a well-founded recommendation. If you wish, you can include information from your child's doctor or school. After the CIZ has received all the information from you, they will send us their recommendation. If the recommendation is positive, you will get child benefit at twice the basic rate. If it is negative, you will continue to receive child benefit at the basic rate.

How does the CIZ assess a child's care needs?

The CIZ will ask you for information. They may phone you or send you a form to fill in. With your permission, they may also ask doctors or specialists for information.

If there is already information available on your child, e.g. from Wlz-zorg, the CIZ may be able to issue a recommendation straightaway. You can indicate on the form whether or not you give the CIZ permission to use the information.

The CIZ will assess your child's care needs on the basis of 2 criteria which have each been divided into 5 aspects:

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Toilet use
  3. Eating and drinking
  4. Mobility
  5. Medical care


  1. Behaviour
  2. Communication
  3. Being home alone
  4. Supervision outdoors
  5. Keeping occupied

The CIZ will assess the need for care for each of the above aspects, and express this as a figure. The total figure determines whether the recommendation is positive or negative. The recommendation will be positive in the following cases.

  • For children aged 3 to 5, if a figure is assigned for 5 aspects
  • For children aged 6 to 9, if a figure is assigned for 4 aspects
  • For children aged 10 to 17, if a figure is assigned for 3 aspects

The CIZ will inform us of their recommendation. We will let you know whether you can get child benefit at twice the basic rate.