Child benefit

When your child turns 16

The qualifying conditions for child benefit for children aged 16 and 17 are different from those for younger children. You can only get child benefit for a child aged 16 or 17 if he or she:

  • does not earn more than €1,296 net per quarter from work, and
  • attends full-time education aimed at obtaining a basic qualification ('startkwalificatie'), or
  • is exempt from obtaining a basic qualification, or
  • has already obtained a basic qualification

Child benefit stops if your child qualifies for student finance (student loan)

If a child qualifies for student finance, the child benefit will stop, regardless of whether the child actually applies for student finance. If your child attends higher professional education (hbo) or university, he or she may qualify for a student loan. A student loan also counts as student finance.If your child qualifies for student finance, you do not have to report this to us, as the Education Executive Agency (DUO) will inform us if your child starts a course of higher education and qualifies for student finance. We will then automatically send you a letter informing you about the termination of your child benefit.Your child must apply to DUO for student finance on time. The DUO website contains information about applying for student finance.

If your child stops attending higher professional education (hbo) or university and is still under 18, you should let us know, as you may be able to receive child benefit again if your child meets the qualifying conditions.

MBO students with a student travel product

MBO students under the age of 18 who follow vocational training under the BOL programme qualify for a student travel product. Although this product counts as student finance, it will not affect your entitlement to child benefit. Parents can receive child benefit for a child attending MBO training up to and including the quarter in which the child turns 18, even if the child starts using the student travel product before turning 18.

Your child is allowed to earn up to a certain amount

If your child has a job and earns less than €1,296 net per quarter, you do not have to report your child's income to us, and you will continue to receive child benefit. However, you must let us know if your child starts earning more than this amount because you will no longer be entitled to child benefit and, if applicable, child budget. If you have a child who lives away from home and you get child benefit at twice the basic rate for this child, the earnings limit is lower.