Child benefit

Can you get child benefit?

If you have children under 18, the government will help you with the costs of bringing them up and caring for them. The money you receive for this from the government is called child benefit (kinderbijslag). The rules for who can get child benefit and how much child benefit will be paid are set down in the National Child Benefits Act (AKW).

When can you get child benefit?

To get child benefit, you need to be insured under the AKW child benefit scheme. You can get child benefit for bringing up and caring for children of your own, but also for: 

  • adopted children
  • foster children
  • stepchildren, or
  • other children you bring up and care for as if they were your own children.

How much child benefit you will get depends on the age of your child

The amount of your child benefit depends on the age of your child. You will get a higher amount when your child turns 6. The child benefit will increase again when your child turns 12. 

If your child does not live with you because he or she is disabled, and you are faced with high expenses, you may be eligible for child benefit at twice the basic rate.

Dutch child benefit is paid on a quarterly basis.

You get child benefit once a quarter. The first payment you will receive will be for the next quarter after your child's birthday. In other words, your child benefit will start in January, April, July or October. The SVB pays child benefit after the end of each quarter.

If you adopt a child or if you have just come to live in the Netherlands, your child benefit may start at a different time.