Child benefit

What is a child budget?

If you get child benefit, you may also qualify for a child budget from the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). The child budget is an extra monthly contribution from the government for low-income families.

Whether you get a child budget or not depends on your family income and, since 1 January 2013, your assets.

You will find information about this on the website of the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). You do not have to claim a child budget from the Tax Administration yourself. We will arrange a claim for you.

We will submit a claim for you to the Tax Administration

If you start receiving child benefit from us for the first time, we will send you a letter informing you about your entitlement, and at the same time, we will submit a claim to the Tax Administration for a child budget for you.

The Tax Administration will decide on the basis of your family income whether you qualify for a child budget. If so, the Tax Administration will send you a decision within 8 weeks. The child budget will then be paid as from the month after the month in which your child was born.

Example: if your child was born on 15 February, you will start receiving child budget as from 1 March.

If you do not hear from the Tax Administration

If your family income is too high for you to get a child budget, you will not hear from the Tax Administration.

If you have not had a letter from the Tax Administration, but you think you are entitled to a child budget, visit the Tax Administration website to find out how you can claim a child budget yourself. You can also phone them on number 0800 0543.

If your child lives with you and your former partner in turn, different rules will apply.

If your child lives with you and your former partner in turn, we refer to this as co-parenting. You can find information about child budget in a co-parenting situation on our pages about co-parenting.