Child benefit

No child benefit? You may still get a child budget

If you no longer receive child benefit for your child aged 16 or 17, you may still be able to get a child budget if:

  • your child lives at home; or
  • your child lives away from home, and you contribute at least €425 per quarter for your child's support; and
  • your child does not earn more than €1,296 per quarter; and
  • the child benefit was stopped because your child no longer attends school and has not obtained a diploma for upper secondary education, pre-university education or pre-vocational education in the Netherlands (Havo, vwo, and mbo level 2 or higher, respectively).

You will not receive a child budget if your child qualifies for student finance, regardless of whether your child has actually applied for this.

MBO students aged under 18 who attend full-time vocational training under the BOL curriculum qualify for a student travel product. Although this counts as student finance, it will not affect your entitlement to child benefit.

We will check whether you meet the conditions, and inform the Tax Administration accordingly. You do not have to contact the Tax Administration yourself about continuing to receive a child budget.