Child benefit

Dutch child benefit if you live outside the Netherlands

You can receive your child benefit in a non-Dutch bank account if you live in a country to which the SVB is allowed to make child benefit payments. Payments may take a few days to arrive in your account, depending on your bank and the country where you live.

Child benefit payments in other currencies

In some countries, your child benefit will not be paid in euros but in a different currency. The net amount you receive may vary between payments due to fluctuations in the exchange rates. The exchange rates used for each month are shown on the 'exchange rates' page.

Extra bank charges deducted from your child benefit

It costs money to pay your child benefit outside the Netherlands:

  • The SVB pays these costs for payments to EU and EEA countries, and to Australia, Israel, Cape Verde, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.
  • For payments to Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America and South Africa, the SVB will deduct € 0.02 from your child benefit.
  • In the case of all other countries, and for cheque payments, the SVB will deduct € 0.48 from your child benefit.

Your own bank may also charge administration fees. Amounts charged vary between banks. We have no influence on fees charged by other banks.

We will contact you about your situation.

If you live outside the Netherlands and receive Dutch child benefit, we will contact you at regular intervals to ask whether there have been any changes in your situation. Every 2 years, we will ask you to have a life certificate completed by a notary public or your local authorities, for example. We may also visit you at home to check whether your child is still living with you.