Child benefit

How much child benefit will you get?

The amount of your child benefit depends on your child's age. You will get a higher amount when your child turns 6, and again when your child turns 12. Child benefit is paid every three months.

Below are the amounts valid as from July 2019.

Dutch child benefit

amount in euros per quarter
 0 to 5 years old6 to 11 years old12 to 17 years old
Per child€ 221.49€ 268.95€ 316.41

Child benefit at twice the basic rate in the case of high expenses

If your child does not live with you, because he or she is disabled, for example, and you are faced with high expenses, you may be eligible for child benefit at twice the basic rate. You can read more about this under 'your child is living away from home (temporarily)'.