International secondment

You work in two or more EU countries

If you work in more than one country of the European Union (EU), you will be covered under the social insurance legislation of the country where you live, provided you work in that country for at least 25 percent of your working hours. If you do not work in the country where you live, or if you work there for less than 25 percent of your working hours, we will need more information to establish in which country you are insured. In that case, contact us.

Working outside the Netherlands permanently

If you start working outside the Netherlands permanently, you will cease to be insured for e.g. Dutch old age pension and child benefit. Instead, you will be insured in the country where you work.

Proving your insurance status with an A1/certificate of coverage

In many countries, a labour inspectorate will check whether you are covered by social insurance legislation. You can prove that you are covered by showing an A1/certificate of coverage. Some countries will not allow you to work without an A1/certificate of coverage.