International secondment

Are your family members also insured?

Your family members will stay insured as long as they live in the Netherlands

If your partner and children continue to live in the Netherlands, they will remain covered under the Dutch AOW pension scheme and other social insurance schemes.

As a rule, your family members will not remain insured if they move abroad with you

If your family members move abroad with you, they will cease to be covered by social insurance in the Netherlands. If you want your family members to stay insured in the Netherlands, you can take out voluntary AOW and Anw insurance for them. You can find more information about this under Voluntary Insurance.

If you are seconded to another country, you yourself will normally remain insured in the Netherlands. If your partner is not insured in the Netherlands, you can claim Dutch child benefit for your children instead of your partner.

In some countries, insurance will continue

If your family members move to Australia, Canada (including Quebec), China, India, Israel, Macedonia, South Korea or the United States, they will continue to be insured under the AOW and other schemes. However, if they start working there, their insurance will stop.