International secondment

Changes you are required to report

Changes in your home situation or work situation may affect your insurance position. You should therefore report changes to us without delay. We will then check whether you are still insured in the Netherlands. You must report the following changes to us.

If a secondment period changes

If an employee starts or stops working on a different date than stated on the initial A1/certificate of coverage, let us know. We will then assess whether a new certificate needs to be issued.

If you are an employer
Inform us of the new end date of the secondment period for your employee(s) via your TWinternet account. How to do this is explained below.

If you are a self-employed person/DGA
Report the change to us using the email form. How to do this is explained below.

How to report changes to us online if you are an employer

Log on to your account via TWinternet and click on 'Overview of A1/(E)101 certificates'. You can then click on 'Change' to adjust the end dates of certificates that have already been approved. 

You can only extend a secondment period if the total secondment period does not exceed two years. For periods exceeding two years, you must submit a new application.

If you wish to make changes for a number of employees at once, and you need to tick a number of boxes at the same time, you should only do so if the period applies to all the employees selected. After selecting the employees, click 'Change work period selected persons' at the bottom of the page. You can now enter a new end date.

Reporting a change online may necessitate a new application

In some cases, you may have to submit a new application. For example, if the statutory secondment period is exceeded, and we have to submit the application to a liaison body in another country. If that happens, we will either contact you, or you will see a message appear on the screen when you change details.

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A change of address

If the social insurance position changes as a result of a change of address, we will let you know. If the social insurance position does not change, we will send you an A1/E101 showing the new address. You should report changes of address by letter or email.

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Working fewer hours in the country of residence

If an employee starts working less than 25% of his or her working hours in the country of residence, let us know by letter or email. We will tell you if the social insurance position has changed as a result.

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Change of payroll tax number (only for employers)

If your company's payroll tax number changes, e.g. following a merger or a takeover, let us know. We will see if a new certificate needs to be issued.

It is necessary to apply for a new TWinternet account and password for a company with a new payroll tax number.

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Reporting a change using the email form or by post

The details you need to give

Give the following details for your employee or for yourself if you are self-employed:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Burgerservicenummer

Postal address

Client Service Operations
SVB Amstelveen Postbus 18607
3501 CR Utrecht, the Netherlands.