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Frequently asked questions about TWinternet

Below, you will find frequently asked questions about TWinternet and your account. Click on the question to see the answer.

  • How to apply for an account

    You can only apply for an account if you are a Netherlands-based employer. To apply, you will need:

    • your Chamber of Commerce number,
    • your Chamber of Commerce branch number (vestigingsnummer), and
    • your payroll tax number

    Apply for an account

  • My foundation or association does not have a Chamber of Commerce branch number (vestigingsnummer). How can I apply for an account?

    Contact us. We can then arrange for you to use your RSIN number (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer) to apply for an account.

  • I have forgotten my password and/or username.

    You can apply for a new account using the link below.

    Applying for an A1/(E)101 certificate online

    Keep your login details safe. For security reasons, the SVB will not send usernames and passwords.

  • How can I change my password?
    When you log in to TWinternet, you can change your password by clicking the link “change password”
    under "Go straight to”. Keep your login details safe.
  • I just submitted an online application for an employee. Why is it not visible in the overview?

    After you submit an application online, a number of checks are carried out.

    If the application cannot be processed automatically, one of our staff will process the application. In that case, the details will not be visible in the overview.
    For example, automatic issue of an A1/(E)101 may not be possible because:

    • there is a discrepancy between details
    • there is still a valid certificate for the period applied for
    • your employee does not appear to meet all the conditions

    If your application is processed automatically, your employee will receive the A1/(E)101 by post within a few days. Employees with a message box for receiving government correspondence electronically will receive the form more quickly.

  • How to report a change

    Online via TWinternet

    If an employee is going to start or stop working on a different date than stated on the A1/(E)101 certificate that has been issued, you can report the change to us online using your TWinternet account. Log on to your account in TWinternet and click on 'Overview of A1/(E)101 certificates'. You can then click on 'Change' to adjust certificates that have already been approved.

    To extend a certificate, you only have to fill in the new end date. If you wish to change the commencement date, this will only be possible if it is not too far from the original date. In that case, you will see an error message informing you that you will have to make a new application.

    If you wish to make changes for a number of employees at once, and tick a number of boxes at the same time, you should only do so if the period applies to all the employees selected. You then select the employees and click 'Change work period selected persons' at the bottom of the page. You can now enter a new commencement and/or end date.

    Reporting a change by email or post

    Other changes should be reported using an email form or by post. You must give the following details for your employee:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Burgerservicenummer

    Postal address:
    Client Service Operations
    SVB Amstelveen
    Postbus 18607
    3501 CR Utrecht, the Netherlands.