International secondment

A copy of the A1/certificate of coverage

The A1/certificate of coverage is issued once only. We always send the original certificate to the employee/self-employed person.

Keep the certificate in a safe place. It is an official, internationally recognized document that shows where you are insured.

We do not give copies of certificates to employers. Employers can view the particulars of a certificate in the details overview in TWinternet.

In TWinternet, employers can create PDF files of all approved A1 certificates. It is not possible to create PDF files of 101 certificates. Employers without a TWinternet account receive a detailed statement by post.

If you are an employer and you wish to receive the original certificates for your employees, you will need the authorization of your employees. The easiest way is for your employees to use a Message Box. An employee who receives a certificate in his or her Message Box can simply forward it to the employer from the Message Box.