I am going to live or work outside the Netherlands

Select the situation that applies to you

You must always let us know if you move to a new address. You can do so quickly and securely via My SVB using your DigiD code. We can then make sure that you receive the correct amount on time.

If you are already receiving a pension or benefit

If you start living or working outside the Netherlands, this may affect the payment of your pension or benefit.

If you do not yet receive a pension or benefit

If you start living or working outside the Netherlands for an extended period of time, your insurance under the AOW and Anw schemes will usually end. If you are not insured for the full fifty-year period preceding your AOW pension age, you will receive a lower AOW pension when you reach the AOW pension age. You can choose to remain covered under the AOW pension scheme by taking out voluntary insurance.

If you start working for a Dutch employer outside the Netherlands

As a rule, if you are posted to work outside the Netherlands temporarily for a Dutch employer, you will continue to be insured in the Netherlands. If you start working outside the Netherlands permanently, you will cease to be covered under the Dutch social insurance schemes.

If you return to your country of origin.

If you decide to return to your country of origin, you may be able to get a benefit under the Remigration Act, which is implemented by the SVB.