Information meetings

The Bureau for Belgian Affairs (BBZ) organizes annual information meetings for anyone living, studying or working (whether in employment or self-employment) across the border. We also organize seminars for employers and intermediaries who are active in the border region.

Information meetings for cross-border workers

If you live, work, do business or study across the border in the Netherlands or Belgium, or are intending to do so, you will be subject to rules and legislation of two different countries. During our information meetings, we explain matters relating to tax, medical care, child benefit, pensions and benefits so that you are fully informed and well-prepared when you cross the border.

Information for employers and intermediaries

If you are an employer or an intermediary who is active in the border region between the Netherlands and Belgium, you will be affected by rules and legislation of the two countries as well as by international legislation. These rules, furthermore, cover a number of legal areas, such as social security, tax legislation, employment law and residence rights. You will need to be thoroughly familiar with these rules if you are to avoid extra costs and problems with employees and clients. You are welcome to visit our annual employers' day. After paying a participation fee, you will receive all the information you need to make the necessary arrangements for your employees or clients.

When and where?

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