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What should be included in the contract?

If you plan to take in a tenant or a lodger, or if you are going to be a tenant or a lodger yourself, you should make sure the contract includes the following points so that it meets the requirements:

  • a brief description: state whether the agreement is for tenancy or board and lodging
  • your name and the name(s) of the other occupant(s)
  • the address of the accommodation
  • the commencement date and term of the contract
  • a description of the rented accommodation and shared areas
  • the amount of the rent
  • if applicable, a description of services or care provided
  • the price of services or care provided
  • arrangements concerning periodical price adjustments

The amounts agreed on for rent and, if applicable, services or care must be commercial markt prices - not special or give-away prices. The SVB may require proof of this.